ME 543

ME 543 - Applied Control System Design

Fall 2023

Applied Control System DesignME543KOC75916ONL4 -    Kevin Andrew Wise
Zhuohuan Wu
Applied Control System DesignME543KOL75915ONL4 -    Kevin Andrew Wise
Zhuohuan Wu

Official Description

Covers advanced design and analysis of control systems by state-space methods: classical control review, Laplace transforms, review of linear algebra (vector space, change of basis, diagonal and Jordan forms), linear dynamic systems (modes, stability, controllability, state feedback, observability, observers, canonical forms, output feedback, separation principle and decoupling), nonlinear dynamic systems (stability, Lyapunov methods). Frequency domain analysis of multivariable control systems. State space control system design methods: state feedback, observer feedback, pole placement, linear optimal control. Design exercises with CAD (computer-aided design) packages for engineering problems. Key to the course are the applied/real-world examples and CAD homework problems used to teach and reinforce the learnings of the material. Aerospace control system pose some of the most difficult and challenging control system design problems. In addition to designing feedback control system gain