ME 496

ME 496 - Honors Project

Summer 2022

Honors ProjectME496&AC29523IND1 -    Arthur M Clausing
Honors ProjectME496&AJ22587IND1 -    Tony Jacobi
Honors ProjectME496&AK22484IND1 -    Arthur F Kramer
Honors ProjectME496&AP22766IND1 -    Arne J Pearlstein
Honors ProjectME496&AV22768IND1 -    Alex Vakakis
Honors ProjectME496&B222775IND1 -    Richard O Buckius
Honors ProjectME496&BA22464IND1 -    S Balachandar
Honors ProjectME496&BT22651IND1 -    Brian G Thomas
Honors ProjectME496&CB22616IND1 -    Clark W Bullard
Honors ProjectME496&CD22765IND1 -    Craig Dutton
Honors ProjectME496&CL22599IND1 -    Carl S Larson
Honors ProjectME496&CP22689IND1 -    Curtis O Pedersen
Honors ProjectME496&CR22636IND1 -    Richard C Coddington
Honors ProjectME496&CX22581IND1 -    Christopher D Wickens
Honors ProjectME496&DB22507IND1 -    John D Buckmaster
Honors ProjectME496&DR22565IND1 -    Daniel N. Riahi
Honors ProjectME496&DZ22683IND1 -    Deborah L Thurston
Honors ProjectME496&G222769IND1 -    Joseph E Greene
Honors ProjectME496&GM22532IND1 -    George Miley
Honors ProjectME496&HC22578IND1 -    Harry E Cook
Honors ProjectME496&HS22604IND1 -    Huseyin Sehitoglu
Honors ProjectME496&JD22549IND1 -    Jonathan A Dantzig
Honors ProjectME496&JG22777IND1 -    John G Georgiadis
Honors ProjectME496&JO22597IND1 -    Joseph Bentsman
Honors ProjectME496&JW22782IND1 -    John S Walker
Honors ProjectME496&K122543IND1 -    Herman Krier
Honors ProjectME496&KL22624IND1 -    Ki D Lee
Honors ProjectME496&KX22498IND1 -    Kyekyoon Kim
Honors ProjectME496&L222750IND1 -    Ty A Newell
Honors ProjectME496&MG22487IND1 -    Mark Strauss
Honors ProjectME496&MS22584IND1 -    Mark W Spong
Honors ProjectME496&MT22670IND1 -    Michael L Philpott
Honors ProjectME496&MX22620IND1 -     Michael Selig
Honors ProjectME496&NM22752IND1 -    Norman R Miller
Honors ProjectME496&NS22536IND1 -    Nikolaos V Sahinidis
Honors ProjectME496&PF22594IND1 -     Placid Ferreira
Honors ProjectME496&PJ22657IND1 -    Patty Jones
Honors ProjectME496&QB22759IND1 -    M Quinn Brewster
Honors ProjectME496&RA22742IND1 -    Ronald J Adrian
Honors ProjectME496&RD22666IND1 -    
Honors ProjectME496&SB22612IND1 -    Scott Allen Burns
Honors ProjectME496&SH22589IND1 -     Seth Hutchinson
Honors ProjectME496&SK22661IND1 -     Shiv Kapoor
Honors ProjectME496&SV22757IND1 -    Surya Pratap Vanka
Honors ProjectME496&TM22528IND1 -    Thomas J Mackin
Honors ProjectME496&UP22481IND1 -    Udatta S Palekar
Honors ProjectME496&WD22608IND1 -    William E Dunn
Honors ProjectME496&YK29524IND1 -    
Honors ProjectME496010541IND1 -    
Honors ProjectME496AAP22476IND1 -    Andreas A Polycarpou
Honors ProjectME496AJB22741IND1 -    Armand Beaudoin, Jr
Honors ProjectME496CFL22674IND1 -    Chia-Fon Lee
Honors ProjectME496DCK22524IND1 -    Dimitrios C Kyritsis
Honors ProjectME496DK22561IND1 -    Diego Klabjan
Honors ProjectME496DVR22602IND1 -    Dimitrios V Rovas
Honors ProjectME496ED22503IND1 -    Edward R Damiano
Honors ProjectME496EHW22493IND1 -    Elizabeth T Hsiao-Wecksler
Honors ProjectME496GED22453IND1 -    Geir Dullerud
Honors ProjectME496HTJ22553IND1 -    Harley T Johnson
Honors ProjectME496LMP22520IND1 -    Leslie M Phinney
Honors ProjectME496MFY22754IND1 -    Min-Feng Yu
Honors ProjectME496MTS22763IND1 -    M Taher A Saif
Honors ProjectME496NGG22771IND1 -    Nick G Glumac
Honors ProjectME496PJS22514IND1 -    Peter J Seiler
Honors ProjectME496SDK22494IND1 -    Scott David Kelly
Honors ProjectME496SHJ22517IND1 -    Sheldon H. Jacobson
Honors ProjectME496WZ22540IND1 -    Wen Zhao
Honors ProjectME496XZ22575IND1 -    Xudong Zhang
Honors ProjectME496YYH22458IND1 -    Yonggang Huang

Official Description

Special project or reading course for James Scholars in engineering. Course Information: 1 to 4 undergraduate hours. No graduate credit. May be repeated. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.