ME 199

ME 199 - Automotive Design Projects-ADV

Fall 2022

Automotive Design ProjectsENG491SAE51964LBD31600 - 1750 M  314 Altgeld Hall Michael L Philpott
Undergraduate Open SeminarME199010540IND1 -    
ME Service LearningME19925167323IND1 -    Mariana Silva
Automotive Design Projects-ADVME199ADV54463LCD3 -    Michael L Philpott
Undergraduate Open SeminarME199AFV22380IND1 -    Alex Vakakis
Undergraduate Open SeminarME199AP22378IND1 -    Arne J Pearlstein
Undergraduate Open SeminarME199BGT22327IND1 -    Brian G Thomas
Automotive Design Projects-DESME199DES56507LCD1 -    Michael L Philpott
Undergraduate Open SeminarME199LCC22173IND1 -    Leonardo Chamorro
Undergraduate Open SeminarME199MFY22365IND1 -    Min-Feng Yu
Undergraduate Open SeminarME199MLT22339IND1 -    Michael L Philpott
Undergraduate Open SeminarME199MQB22370IND1 -    M Quinn Brewster
Undergraduate Open SeminarME199MTS22372IND1 -    M Taher A Saif
Undergraduate Open SeminarME199NGG22411IND1 -    Nick G Glumac
Undergraduate Open SeminarME199NRM22362IND1 -    Nenad Miljkovic
Automotive Design Projects-SAEME199SAE40457LBD11600 - 1750 M  314 Altgeld Hall Michael L Philpott
Undergraduate Open SeminarME199SGK22330IND1 -     Shiv Kapoor
Design ThinkingME199SHT22346IND11700 - 1830 T    Sameh Tawfick
Undergraduate Open SeminarME199SPV22367IND1 -    Surya Pratap Vanka
Undergraduate Open SeminarME199TAN22356IND1 -    Ty A Newell

Official Description

Course Information: May be repeated.

Detailed Course Description

Independent study, 1 to 5 undergraduate hours. May be repeated.

No specific topics – independent study design projects defined by the student, student team, and/or faculty advisor/instructor.

ME 199 DES: Interdisciplinary student design project. Multiple interdisciplinary design projects involving project teams, to provide a design project experience over consecutive semesters. Projects may include, but are not limited to, those from student societies, Engineering Open House, MechSE faculty, and College of Engineering. Completion of three consecutive semesters may be used to satisfy 3 hours of Technical Elective credit requirement; for students who entered the Mechanical Engineering or Engineering Mechanics program as freshmen. The sequence must be initiated no later than the third semester of residence. Students not meeting the Technical Elective criteria may use the course work for free elective credit.

ME 199 SAE: As above but specific section for Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Design/Build/Compete projects – Formula SAE, Baja SAE, and Formula Electric SAE.

ME: Free elective, with curriculum options.

EM: Free elective, with curriculum options.

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