TAM 524

TAM 524 - Micromechanics of Materials

Spring 2023

Micromechanics of MaterialsTAM524C45824LCD41000 - 1150 M W  2051 Sidney Lu Mech Engr Bldg Huseyin Sehitoglu

Official Description

Advanced analysis of modern engineering materials with emphasis on relating microstructural phenomena to the mechanics of material behavior: prediction of elastic and thermal properties of materials with heterogeneous microstructure (such as composites), micromechanics of failure and damage, toughening mechanisms, mechanics of phase transformations; current topics in materials research (such as high-temperature response and ferroelasticity). Course Information: Prerequisite: CEE 300 or ME 330; TAM 551.

Detailed Course Description

Study of mechanics of materials with microstructures. Prerequisite: TAM 451 or equivalent, or consent of instructor. 4 hours.

Freund & Suresh, Thin Film Materials, Prentice-Hall.
Mura, Micromechanics of Defects in Solids, Springer


Introduction (2 hr)
Review of necessary elements of mechanics (4 hr)
Elastic and thermal properties of heterogeneous materials: Maxwell and Voigt simple bounds; self-consistent field models; bounding approaches (16 hr)
Micromechanics of failure/damage: Constitutive behavior of materials with voids and cracks; localization of plastic flow; local failure mechanisms (12 hr)
Dislocation theory (8 hr)
Toughening mechanisms (4 hr)
Phase transformations (6 hr)
Current research topics in mechanics of materials (6 hr)
Midterm exam (2 hr)

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