ME 533 - Physical Basis for Plasticity

Fall 2010

Physical Basis for PlasticityME533A56096LCD41300 - 1450 T R  410B1 Engineering Hall Armand Beaudoin, Jr
Physical Basis for PlasticityME533ONL56935ONL4 -    Armand Beaudoin, Jr

Official Description

Physical and mathematical foundation for plasticity in crystalline materials, with application to deformation processes. Metal forming; deformation processes in other materials, such as slip in geological materials and polymers; rate dependence of plastic flow, with underlying physical mechanisms; kinetics of dislocation motion, mechanisms of work hardening, and crystallographic texture; theoretical framework for modeling the constitutive response of rate-dependent materials undergoing crystallographic slip, and allied computational procedures. Course Information: Prerequisite: TAM 445.