ME 512 - Physicochemical Hydrodynamics

Fall 2020

Physicochemical HydrodynamicsME512ONL73430ONL4 -     Kyle Smith
Physicochemical HydrodynamicsME512PH73137OLC41000 - 1150 M W     Kyle Smith

Official Description

Introduces basic concepts of molecular diffusion in liquids with interactions due to stationary or flowing fluid. Uncharged and charged solutions/dispersions/suspensions of molecules, macromolecules, and particles are considered in enclosed and porous media flows. Particular emphasis is placed on analysis using the equations that govern concentration and velocity fields, flux and flow constitutive relations, driving forces, and transport properties and parameters. Applications are presented in energy, environmental, chemical, and biological systems. Course Information: 4 graduate hours. No professional credit. Prerequisite: ME 420, ME 411, CEE 442, CEE 451, CHBE 421, or consent of instructor.