ME 453 - Data Sci in Mfg Quality Cntrl

Fall 2020

Data Sci in Mfg Quality CntrlME453DSG73109OLC31300 - 1420 M W    Chenhui Shao
Yuhang Yang
Data Sci in Mfg Quality CntrlME453DSU73108OLC31300 - 1420 M W    Chenhui Shao
Yuhang Yang
Data Sci in Mfg Quality CntrlME453ONL73424ONL4 -    Chenhui Shao
Yuhang Yang

Official Description

Manufacturing quality management in the big data era; quality improvement philosophies; statistical modeling of process quality; inferences about quality; statistical process control; control charts; machine learning and applications in quality engineering; quality classification/prediction with machine learning; design and implementation of quality monitoring systems based on supervised learning; measurement system analysis (gage R&R study); design of experiments. Course Information: 3 or 4 undergraduate hours. 3 or 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: ME 270; IE 300 OR STAT 400; MATH 415.