Nanomechanics & Nanomanufacturing

MechSE has one of the world's leading Nanomechanics and Nanomanufacturing groups, with more than 10 faculty identifying this as their primary research area. Research topics covered by this group include: precision design and manufacturing, nanoscale thermal systems, computational mechanics at the nanoscale, nanophotonics, nanofluidics, and much more.

The MechSE Nanomechanics and Nanomanufacturing group boasts world-class research facilities within the department, including a 1,500 square-foot, Class 100 clean room for nanofabrication and characterization, which was the first such facility in a Mechanical Engineering academic department. MechSE is home to two major NSF research centers focused on nanomechanics and nanomanufacturing research: NanoCEMMS (Center for Nanoscale Chemical-Electrical-Mechanical Manufacturing Systems) and WaterCAMPVS (The Center of Advanced Materials for the Purification of Water with Systems).

The MechSE nano group also teaches a complete nanotechnology graduate course sequence, with several nano- course offerings every semester.

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