Fluid Mechanics & Thermal Sciences

With a long history of fundamental contributions, MechSE’s diverse research portfolio in fluid mechanics and thermal sciences addresses a range of research problems of technological, societal, and economic interest.

Eighteen MechSE faculty actively pursue research in micro- and nano-fluidics, biological flows, turbulence, fluid-structure interactions, multi-phase flows, soft matter and complex fluids, air conditioning and refrigeration, combustion science and technology, energetic materials, nanoscale heat transfer and cutting-edge energy conversion technologies. Innovative analytical, computational and experimental approaches are used to tackle fundamental and applied research questions. These efforts have led to innovative developments in advanced measurement diagnostics, novel mathematical formulations, high-performance computing algorithms, and device designs.

The department is home to the renowned Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center (ACRC) as well as the International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research (I2CNER).

From the flow physics of blood cells to flows of aerodynamic and geophysical significance, from the rheology of biopolymer gels to electro-thermal transport in hard nanostructures, from stabilizing swirling flames to energy-efficient air conditioning, MechSE is leading advances central to energy conversion, novel drug therapies, renewable energy technologies, carbon neutrality, and planetary exploration.

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