Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center

Currently, close to 30 sponsoring companies are pooling resources and leveraging funds to perform pre-competitive research in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center (ACRC), an Industry/University Cooperative Research Center founded by the National Science Foundation. The research program is aimed at providing the technology base for a new generation of energy-efficient, quiet, and reliable equipment that can use environmentally safe refrigerants. The research is conducted by numerous graduate students, faculty members, undergraduate students, and visiting scholars.

The ACRC research program is vertically integrated, from the system level down to the underlying fundamental processes. This ensures that the research projects are focused on the questions most important for system design and performance.

The Center's laboratory facilities are equipped to test at full-scale the sponsoring companies' products: refrigerators; room-split or mobile air conditioners; heat exchangers; tubing; expansion devices; refrigerants and lubricants.

ACRC Administration:


Office: 2123 MEL