Women in MechSE

During the 2019-2020 school year, the majority of the leadership team for Baja SAE was made up of women engineers.

For many decades, MechSE has made an impact on the world through fundamental contributions to mechanical engineering. And our department today may have more talent than ever before in our rich history of excellence. The stage right now is filled with shining stars—many of them women.

More and more talented women are fueling the field of engineering with a wide array of research and innovations that impact society every day. In MechSE, some of them are even bringing us into the national and international spotlight. The features on our women undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and alumni represent just a small fraction of their inspiring achievements.

We invite you to learn more about MechSE's welcoming and inclusive environment—one where everyone is given the opportunity to succeed. 


MechSE and Campus Resources for Women Engineers

Where can engineering take you? Women alumni share.

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