Planned Course Offerings: 500-level

Course Title Fall 2015 Spring 2016 Fall 2016 Spring 2017 Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Fall 2018
ME 501 Combustion Fundamentals   X   X   X  
ME 502 Thermal Systems       X      
ME 503 Design of IC Engines   X       X  
ME 504 Multiphase Systems & Processes     X       X
ME 510 Advanced Gas Dynamics X   X   X   X
ME 520 Heat Conduction       X      
ME 521 Convective Heat Transfer   X       X  
ME 522 Thermal Radiation     X       X
ME 523 Nanoscale Energy Transport X       X    
ME 530 Fatigue Analysis     X       X
ME 531 Inelastic Design Methods   X       X  
ME 532 Fracture Resistant Design       X      
ME 540 Control System Theory & Design X X X X X X X
ME 546 Analysis of Nonlinear Systems   X   X   X  
ME 550 Solidification Processing       X      
ME 554 Computational Process Modeling   X       X  
ME 561 Convex Methods in Control   X       X  
ME 562 Robust Adaptive Control     X       X
ME 570 Nonlinear Solid Mech Design   X       X  
ME 586 Mechanics of MEMS     X   X   X
TAM 514 Elastodynamics and Vibrations     X       X
TAM 518 Wave Motion         X    
TAM 524 Micromechanics of Materials       X      
TAM 531 Inviscid Flow X   X   X   X
TAM 532 Viscous Flow   X   X   X  
TAM 536 Instability and Transition   X       X  
TAM 537 Experimental Fluid Mechanics     X       X
TAM 538 Turbulence X       X    
TAM 541 Mathematical Methods I X   X   X   X
TAM 542 Mathematical Methods II   X   X   X  
TAM 545 Advanced Contiuum Mechanics     X       X
TAM 549 Asymptotic Methods X   X   X   X
TAM 551 Solid Mechanics I X   X   X   X
TAM 552 Solid Mechanics II   X   X   X  
TAM 554 Plasticity X       X    
TAM 555 Fracture Mechanics     X       X
TAM 557 Mechanics of Random Media   X       X  
TAM 570 Computational Fluid Mechanics       X      
TAM 574 Advanced Finite Element Methods       X      

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