Senior Design: facilities and resources

Each senior design team works with an advisor who is one of the world-class faculty members from the MechSE Department. Within both the Department and the College of Engineering, the student teams have access to an impressive array of equipment, laboratories, and services:
Rapid prototyping systems, offering many choices of materials:
• 3D Systems Viper Stereolithography
• Objet Eden 350 Multijet Modeler
• EOS Formiga Selective Laser Sintering
• Stratasys Fortus 360 Fused Deposition Method
CNC water jet sheet cutting
3-D laser non-contact scanner for reverse engineering
EDM fabrication (both wire and ram type systems)
Precision machine shop:
• Staffed by professional machinists
• Consultations with engineering staff and machinists
• Fabrication of complex components
A full inventory of sophisticated instrumentation:
• Physical test and measurement
• Data acquisition and control
• Thermal imaging camera
• High speed video cameras
Testing laboratories and professional support staff:
• Strength of materials
• Dynamics and controls
• Seitz Materials Research Laboratory
Project laboratory space:
• Each team has its own assigned workspace
• Student shop equipped to facilitate prototype development and testing