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Department Office Contact Person Office Phone Email
Alumni Relations and Advancement Lauren Dodge 149 MEB 217-333-7108 ldodgeatillinois [dot] edu
  Betsy Powers 149 MEB 217-333-9713 epowers2atillinois [dot] edu
Business Office John Wierschem 142 MEB 217-333-6741 mechse-businessatillinois [dot] edu
Business Office (Purchasing/Reimbursements) Laurie Macadam 142 MEB 217-333-8882 lmacadamatillinois [dot] edu
Business Office (Purchasing/Reimbursements) Laura Reardon 142 MEB 217-300-5840 lauraoatillinois [dot] edu
Business Office (Personnel/Payroll) Emily Lange 142 MEB 217-244-1157 ereddenatillinois [dot] edu
Communications Office Bill Bowman 123 MEB 217-244-0901 wbowmanatillinois [dot] edu
  Julia Cation 125 MEB 217-300-7824 jcationatillinois [dot] edu
Computer & Network Support Melissa Whitt 1127 MEL 217-300-3611 engrit-helpatillinois [dot] edu
Corporate Relations Meg Graybill 149 MEB 217-300-2518 mgbillatillinois [dot] edu
Department Head's Office Paula Moxley 144 MEB 217-244-8924 pkmatillinois [dot] edu
  Mona Nordbrock 144 MEB 217-265-0631 mnordbroatillinois [dot] edu
Facilities Maintenance Christopher Miller 65 MEB 217-300-5492 cmilleatillinois [dot] edu
Facility Engineering Ralf Moller 1125 MEL 217-333-6368 rmolleratillinois [dot] edu
Graduate Programs Office (Admissions) Katrina Hagler 164 MEB 217-244-3416 mechse-gradatillinois [dot] edu
Graduate Programs Office (Current Students) Kathryn Smith 166 MEB 217-244-4539 smith15atillinois [dot] edu
Grants Office Nicole Neighbors 140 MEB 217-333-8389 nhutsonatillinois [dot] edu
  Yvonne Shaw 140 MEB 217-244-2220 shaw14atillinois [dot] edu
  Haruka Brown 140 MEB 217-300-1766 hbrowatillinois [dot] edu
Machine Shop Keith Parrish 1115 MEL 217-333-1711 mechse-shopatillinois [dot] edu
Support Services Office Holly Foster 160 MEB 217-244-6340 mechse-ssoatillinois [dot] edu
  Davida Bluhm 160 MEB 217-300-6865 mechse-ssoatillinois [dot] edu
  Stacy Walker 160 MEB 217-300-3209 slwalkeratillinois [dot] edu
Telephone Installation and Maintenance Christopher Miller 65 MEB 217-300-5492 cmille33atillinois [dot] edu
Undergraduate Programs Office Emad Jassim 154 MEB 217-244-3634 jassimatillinois [dot] edu
  Melissa Biehl 154 MEB 217-300-0278 mbiehlatillinois [dot] edu
  Tammy Smith 154 MEB 217-333-5981 tssmith1atillinois [dot] edu
  Pam Vanetta 154 MEB 217-333-4481 vanettaatillinois [dot] edu
Website Bill Bowman 123 MEB 217-244-0901 wbowmanatillinois [dot] edu




ereddenatillinois [dot] edu