Grad Profile - Svjetlana Stekovic

Svjetlana Stekovic

Why Mechse?

Graduate school at MechSE is the perfect match for me! I get a strong background of pure mechanics and rigorous mathematics and physics, along with comprehensive training from world-renowned faculty. And I’m able to engage in challenging and interdisciplinary research. MechSE also supports and empowers me as a woman in graduate studies to successfully prepare for my career.

Previous Institutions

BS mechanical engineering, Tennessee Tech, 2013

Research Projects

Research interests: Complex flows, numerical methods, theoretical combustion, and energetic materials. Current research project: Advancing the understanding of multi-scale turbulent combustion in diffusion flames.

Faculty Advisors

Scott Stewart


National Science Foundation Fellowship; Kenneth W. Ting Graduate Fellowship (through the MechSE Department); Grayce Wicall Gauthier Graduate Fellowship (through the MechSE Department)

Other Activities

MechSE Graduate Women Leadership; Women Empowered in STEM (weSTEM) GradSWE Conference Committee; Engineering Graduate Student Advisory Committee; GAMES Camp Leadership Committee.