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Covalence student movement

Illinois undergrads lead global student movement to fight COVID-19

April 27, 2020 - Covalence, a nearly 2,000-strong group of students from around the world, is making demonstrating the impact students can have through virtual collaboration.

Hommema at center of massive mask-cleaning breakthrough

April 27, 2020 - NBC News reports that MechSE alumnus Kevin Hommema's idea spurred $415M in funding for new decontamination systems.
Face shield

MechSE team vital to face shield production

April 26, 2020 - MechSE's Machine Shop and Rapid Prototyping Lab are helping produce face shields for health professionals responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Ty Newell Build Equinox

Build Equinox tech named one of coolest things made in Illinois

April 24, 2020 - The CERV2 home air ventilation system is design and built by Build Equinox, the company founded by alumni Ben Newell and Alex Long and Professor Emeritus Ty Newell.
Kyle Cheek, Joe Maduzia, Marcia Mathis, Julia (Stackler) Park

MechSE announces staff award winners

April 17, 2020 - Kyle Cheek, Joe Maduzia, Marcia Mathis, and Julia (Stackler) Park each will receive the 2020 MechSE Staff Award for Exemplary Service.

Study reveals unique physical, chemical properties of cicada wings

April 17, 2020 - MechSE professor Nenad Miljkovic is part of a team researching how the insects' wings repel water and kill microbes.
Amy LaViers

LaViers’ work featured in NAE publication

April 16, 2020 - Amy LaViers' research on complex robotic movement - utilizing her expertise in both dance and engineering - is explained in a Q&A with The Bridge, a publication from the National Academy of Engineering.
Ning Wang

Physical force alone spurs gene expression, study reveals

April 13, 2020 - Professor Ning Wang is leading the research published in Science Advances.
Aimy Wissa

Wissa’s avian-inspired UAV work aids Toyota energy project

April 10, 2020 - Toyota believes Aimy Wissa’s work with avian-inspired anti-stall devices could be applied to a project for which they intend to use large tethered kites to harvest energy from the westerly jet stream. The company hopes this can be a solution for future energy and environmental challenges, especially in Japan.
Wayne Chang

Q&A with lecturer Wayne Chang

April 6, 2020 - Get to know MechSE Lecturer Wayne Chang, whose passions include studying air pollution as well as how to improve engineering education.
Chaimongkol Saengow

Saengow named Beckman postdoctoral fellow

April 6, 2020 - MechSE Chaimongkol Saengow studies highly printable fibrin-based bioinks with Professors Ewoldt and Wagoner Johnson.
Elif Ertekin named an Andersen Faculty Scholar

Seven faculty honored with named appointments

April 3, 2020 - Gaurav Bahl, Elif Ertekin, Randy Ewoldt, Tonghun Lee, SungWoo Nam, Kelly Stephani, and Amy Wagoner Johnson were given Faculty Scholar or Faculty Fellow appointments.
Illinois RapidVent ventilators

MechSE faculty, staff, students stepping up in COVID-19 battle

April 3, 2020 - “These are amazingly talented engineers,” Professor William King said. “They have leaned in to really help on this project in a meaningful way.”
KR Sridhar

Sridhar’s Bloom Energy steps aggressively into ventilator work

April 1, 2020 - MechSE alumnus K.R. Sridhar (PhDME ’90) was praised by California's governor for his innovative work in the COVID-19 battle.
Stanley Weiss

In Memoriam: Stanley Weiss

March 31, 2020 - MechSE Distinguished Alumnus Stanley I. Weiss (PhDTAM ’49) died on March 6 in Tacoma, Washington. He was 94.
crumpled graphene

Crumpled graphene makes ultra-sensitive cancer DNA detector

March 30, 2020 - MechSE graduate students Mohammad Heiranian and Amir Taqieddin were two leaders of the research published in Nature Communications.
Illinois RapidVent

Researchers developing emergency ventilator for COVID-19 patients

March 28, 2020 - Led by project leader Bill King, an expansive team is working around the clock to meet the surge in needed respiratory care.
Alison Dunn

Five from MechSE among top 10 percent of engineering advisors

March 26, 2020 - Missy Biehl, Alison Dunn, Bill King, Chia-Fon Lee, and Amy Wagoner Johnson have been named Outstanding Advisors by the Engineering Council.
Neel Kashkari

Kashkari tells 60 Minutes about Federal Reserve response to crisis

March 25, 2020 - MechSE alumnus Neel Kashkari (BSME '95, MSME '98), the former Treasury official who was in charge of the $700 billion government response to the 2008 financial crisis, tells 60 Minutes what tools the Federal Reserve can use to combat the economic stress being caused by COVID-19.
Ritu Raman

MechSE honors 2020 distinguished and young alumni

March 23, 2020 - This year's recipients of the MechSE Distinguished Alumni Award are Eric Brown, Jeanne Shobert, and Wendy Teare. The MechSE Outstanding Young Alumni winners for 2020 are Lance Hibbeler and Ritu Raman.