Koric takes on new leadership role at NCSA

Seid Koric, Research Associate Professor in MechSE, was named the Technical Assistant Director at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. 
He will deliver strategic directions and manage the technical and professional activities of NCSA in ways that provide value to its academic, government, and private sector partners and customers. Koric will develop and recommend technical direction as well as investments in digital tools and resources for the center to remain a national leader in delivering advanced digital solutions to academia and industry.
Koric was previously the Technical Program Manager for NCSA’s Private Sector Program. He earned a PhD in 2006 from the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (now MechSE) and an MS in aerospace engineering from Illinois in 1999. 
In recent years, he has been the most prolific researcher using Blue Waters, the largest open science supercomputer in the world. His expertise is diverse, spanning multiphysics, sparse linear solvers, biomechanics, fractal mechanics, materials processing, finite element method, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), GPUs, and industrial HPC computing. His influential research has earned him several HPC awards.