Real estate mogul Zaya Younan received MechSE honor in April 2016.
Grad student Malia Kawamura was awarded an NSF fellowship for her work in Professor Alleyne's lab.
Aimy Wissa's work on bio-inspired UASs are featured in the drone engineering and policy website, Inside Unmanned Systems.
Successful and inspiring alumnus Alex Meyer (BSME '99) connected with this year's graduating seniors at the May event.
Competing at the SAE Supermileage competition, the team set a new University of Illinois record.
Professor Martin Ostoja-Starzewski offered keynote addresses on his research on spontaneous, random violations of the second law of thermodynamics.
Assistant Professor Gaurav Bahl has developed a new technique for high speed photonic sensing of the mechanical properties of freely flowing particles.
IFPE chooses team's design that utilizes the use of 3-D printed steel in an excavator.
MechSE junior Atyab Bhatti and the SEAK team are planning to launch this fall.
MechSE staff, student, and facility enable 3D-printing of replacement humerus bone.
One of GE's top business leaders, Xiangli Chen (MSME '88, PhDME '94) came back to campus to receive the 2016 MechSE Distinguished Alumni Award.
Melonee Wise (BSME '04, MSME '06), considered one of the most innovative roboticists in the world, came back to campus to receive the 2016 MechSE...
Bachelor’s degree coupled with existing engineering degrees will be the first of its kind.
Hae-Won Park receives a DARPA contract to build robotic flying squirrels that can fly, land, and walk on various terrain.
The Mechanical Design I final competition was inspired by machines featured in The Empire Strikes Back.
A group of mechanical engineering and bioengineering students work together to develop a one-of-a-kind orthotic for a local dog in need.
Grad student Kitt Peterson and MechSE's Joe Muskin undertake ambitious local outreach efforts.
In one of the primary competitions of the Solar Decathlon program, the Illinois team wins 2nd place for their Small Multifamily Housing design.
Undergraduate student Kenneth Hoffmann was one of only 60 students nationwide to receive the scholarship.
Assistant Professor Aimy Wissa will participate in a summer fellowship at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

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