TAM 557: Mechanics of Random Media

Class Description:

Methods to study mechanics of complex/random microstructures involving several scales: random geometry and stochastic processes and fields, including spatial point processes, mathematical morphology, geodesics, ergodicity, entropy; (non)stationary and (an)isotropic tensor random fields for fluids (turbulence) and solids (microstructures), representations and spectra; truss- and beam-lattices and corresponding (non-)classical continua for modeling crystals, cellular media (e.g.  metallic foams), and granular matter; geometric and rigidity percolations; plasticity, fracture, slip statistics, and fractals in disordered media; scaling to Representative Volume Element (RVE) in conductivity, (non)linear elasticity, elasto-plasticity, flow in porous media, and coupled field phenomena; statistical continuum theories for problems without RVE (i.e., lacking separation of scales); stochastic finite elements; effects of microscale randomness on waves and wavefronts in (non)linear elastic/dissipative solid or fluid media; fractional calculus and mechanics of fractal media

Prerequisites: TAM 445 and Math 362; 4 hrs

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