TAM 456: Experimental Stress Analysis

Class Description:

Basic theories for measuring stresses and deformations in load-carrying engineering components; use of optical, electrical, and mechanical instrumentation; laboratory sessions on brittle coatings, electrical resistance strain gages, photoelasticity, and moire interferometry. Lecture lab format. Prerequisite: TAM 251. 3 undergraduate or 3 graduate hours.


Review of strength of materials (2 hr)
Stress, strain, generalized Hooke|#39;s law (2 hr)
Theoretical analysis of representative stress problems (3 hr)
Brittle coatings (6 hr lecture, 4 hr lab)
Strain gages (8 hr lecture, 4 hr lab)
Photoelasticity (9 hr lecture, 4 hr lab)
Moir|eacute; interferometry (3 hr lecture, 2 hr lab)

Digital Image Correlation
Other methods (3 hr)
Midterm examination (1 hr)
TOTAL HOURS: 37 lecture, 14 lab


ME:  MechSE or technical elective.

EM:  Secondary field elective.

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