TAM 427: Mechanics of Polymers

Class Description:

Mechanical behavior of amorphous and semi-crystalline polymers; overview of polymer structure, properties, and processing; polymer linear viscoelasticity using Boltzmann superposition and mechanical models; measurement of viscoelastic properties; polymeric yield phenomena; fracture and craze formation; impact and fatigue. Same as AE 427. Prerequisite: TAM 324/CEE 300 or ME 330. 3 undergraduate or graduate hours.


1. Structure of polymers, engineering applications, overview of processing
2. Polymer Morphology
3. Review of stress, strain, elementary concepts of stiffness
4. Elastic Response / Rubber Elasticity
5. Linear viscoelasticity: Creep and stress relaxation, Boltzmann superposition principle, mechanical models, dynamic behavior
6. Measurement of viscoelastic behavior
7. Time-temperature equivalence
8. Yield behavior
9. Fracture behavior and crazing
10. Impact and fatigue

ME:  MechSE or technical elective.

EM:  Secondary field elective.

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