TAM 251: Introductory Solid Mechanics

Class Description:

Relationship between internal stresses and deformations produced by external forces acting on deformable bodies, and design principles based on mechanics of solids: normal stresses, shear stresses, and deformations produced by tensile, compressive, torsional, and bending loading of members; beam deflections; elastic energy and impact; multi-dimensional stress states; and buckling of columns. Prerequisite: TAM 210 or TAM 211. 3 undergraduate hours.


Basic concepts of stress and strain (4 hr)
Uniaxial loading and deformation: Statically determinate and indeterminate problems; design based on yield strength, ultimate strength (5 hr)
Torsion of circular shafts and thin-walled sections: Geometry of deformation, stress, distribution, statically determinate and indeterminate systems, design of shafts for power transmission (9 hr)
Stresses due to bending: Geometry of deformation, stress distribution, symmetric elastic beams, transverse shear, built-up beams, design of beams for structural applications (9 hr)
Beam deflections: Differential equations, double integration, direct integration, method of superposition, design based on deflections, slopes, shear forces, and bending moments (7 hr)
Multi-axial stress and strain states: Transformation of stress and strain, Mohr|#39;s circle representations, principal stresses and strains, states of plane stress and plane strain, two-dimensional elastic stress-strain relations, yield criteria, design problems for combined states of stress (6 hr)
Buckling of columns: Euler theory, design of columns (3 hr)


ME:  Required.

EM:  Required.

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