TAM 210: Introduction to Statics

Class Description:

Forces, moments, couples; resultants of force systems; equilibrium analysis and free-body diagrams; analysis of forces acting on members of trusses, frames, etc.; shear-force and bending-moment distributions; Coulomb friction; centroids and center of mass; applications of statics in design. Credit is not given for both TAM 210 and TAM 211. Prerequisite: PHYS 211; credit or concurrent registration in MATH 241. 2 undergraduate hours.


Review of vector algebra (2 hr)
Forces, moments, couples (2 hr)
Equilibrium, equipollent systems, resultants, distributed forces (5 hr)
Equilibrium analysis, free-body diagrams, practical examples (6 hr)
Trusses, methods of joint and sections (3 hr)
Multi-force members, shear-force and bending-moment diagrams (4 hr)
Statics and structural design (1 hr)
Coulomb friction, applications (3 hr)
Centroids and center of mass (2 hr)
Hour exams (2)


ME:  Required, although TAM 211 may be substituted.

EM:  Not suitable.

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