ME 483: Mechanobiology

Class Description:

Integrative approach to mechanobiology; mechanics of cell adhesion; cytoskeletal structure and mechanics; mechanotransduction; mechanics of cell proliferation, apoptosis, cancer cells, and stem cells; aging; critical issues facing the mechanobiological sciences. Credit: 4 hours. Prerequisites: CHEM 103 and TAM 251.


1. Introduction, definitions of life
2. Molecular forces, conformational changes, binding energy of proteins, Gibbs free energy, equilibrium constants
3. Osmotic pressure, Henderson-Hassebalch equation, Nernst equation, membrane potential
4. Adhesion proteins, cytoskeletal structures, molecular motors
5. Extracellular matrix mechanics and mechanics of cell adhesion
6. Stem cell mechanics and mechanobiology
7. Cancer cell mechanics and mechanobiology
8. Aging mechanics, apoptosis, proliferation mechanics
9. Mechanical signaling and mechanotransduction

ME: MechSE or technical elective.

EM: Possible secondary field, with approval.

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