ME 461: Computer Control of Mechanical Systems

Class Description:

Microcomputer control of thermal and mechanical systems: sensors and transducers, signal transmission and conversion, and regulator actuators.


• DC circuits.

• Analog and digital electronics.

• Sensors, transducers, and actuators.

• Data conversion and transmission.

• Microcontroller architecture.

• Microcontroller programming and interfacing.

• Response and control of electro-mechanical systems.

• Introduction to sampled time control theory.


1. Soldering and Introduction to the Hardware and Software.

2. Digital I/O

3. Timers and Pulse-Width Modulation.

4. Analog-to-Digital Conversion.

5. Digital-to-Analog Conversion and Sampling.

6. Characterization and Control of PMDC Motors.

7. Parallel Interfacing with the LS7266 Quadrature Encoder.

8. Open Loop Motor Control and Friction Compensation.

9. System Identification and Model-Based Control Design.

10. Wall Following and RC Driving

ME: MechSE or technical elective.

EM: Possible secondary field, with approval.

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