ME 460: Industrial Control Systems

Class Description:

Industrial control techniques; case studies of actual industrial systems; design, selection, and maintenance of industrial control systems, including electromechanical, pneumatic, thermal, and hydraulic systems. Prerequisite: ME 340 and ME 360 or equivalent or consent of instructor. 4 undergraduate hours or 4 graduate hours. Credit not given for this course and ECE 486.


1. Introduction to computer controlled systems software and hardware of control systems

2. Modeling of dynamical systems by integral causality, state equations

3. Time domain analysis of linear time invariant continuous-time and discrete-time systems, discrete-time representation of computer interfaced continuous-time systems

4. Laplace transform and Z transform, transfer functions

5. Control system design by root locus method, PID controllers and Ziegler-Nichols method, approximation of analog controller by digital controller and Tustin transform

6. Frequency domain analysis of control systems, Bode plots, Nichols log-modulus plots, Nyquist stability criterion, digital signal aliasing and discrete frequency response

7. Frequency domain design of control systems, lead and lag compensations, phase and gain margins


ME: MechSE or technical elective.

EM: Possible secondary field, with approval.

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