ME 404: Intermediate Thermodynamics

Class Description:

Classical thermodynamics, including the TdS equations and the Maxwell relations; development of thermodynamic property relations, behavior of real gases, thermodynamics of mixtures, phase equilibrium and chemical reactions and equilibrium with an emphasis on combustion reactions; statistical thermodynamics including the effect of molecular and atomic structure, statistical concepts and distributions, calculation of thermodynamic properties of gas-phase atoms and molecules, kinetic theory of gases, and vibrations in crystals and the electron gas in metals; selected applications. Prerequisite: ME 300. Credit is not given for this course and PHYS 427, CHEM 442, CHEM 444, or MSE 500. 4 undergraduate hours or 4 graduate hours.


1. Introduction

2. Thermodynamic relations

3. Mixtures

4. Chemical equilibrium

5. Phase equilibrium

6. Introduction to statistical thermodynamics

7. Quantum mechanics

8. Molecular structure

9. Statistical concepts

10. Monatomic gas properties

11. Diatomic gas properties

12. Crystalline solid properties

13. Statistical thermodynamics applications

14. Students write a report and give an oral presentation for the additional hour of credit.


ME:  MechSE or technical elective.

EM:  Possible secondary field, with approval.

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