ME 390: Seminar

Class Description:

Lectures by faculty and invited authorities from the profession concerning the ethics and practices of mechanical engineering in their relationship to other fields of engineering, to economics, and to society. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing in EM or ME; must be taken in the Fall Semester. 0 credit.


The exact content of the course will vary from semester to semester, as the invitations to speakers will be rotated between faculty and personnel and representatives of various industries. The following may represent a typical course for one semester:

1. Orientation

2. Ethics in engineering and professional practices

3. Interviews and placement

4. Graduate studies and research in mechanical engineering

5. Outside speakers from industry


ME:  Required.

EM:  ME 390 Sophomore Level Seminar will now be a required course.  Engineering Mechanics students that started their undergraduate career prior to Fall 2016 (Fall 2016 catalog year) are encouraged, but not required to take ME 390.



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