ME 370: Mechanical Design I

Class Description:

Kinematics and dynamics of machinery, including analytical kinematics, force analysis, cam design and balancing. Application of elementary mechanics of solids to analyze and size machine components for stress and deflection. Introduction to finite element analysis with emphasis on beam and plate models. Prerequisite: ME 170, TAM 212, and TAM 251. 3 undergraduate hours.


1. Planar Kinematics (Kinematic fundamentals; Graphical linkage synthesis; Position, velocity and acceleration analysis; and Cam design)

2. Machine Dynamics (Linkage dynamics: motion input; Virtual work approach; Flywheels; Balancing; Engine dynamics; and Impact dynamics)

3. Structural Design (Review of basic mechanics: stress, strain, elastic modulus, yield stress; Review of beam theory: shear force, bending, moment, strain |amp; curvature, moment of inertia, solutions for deflection; Matrix/finite element method for assemblies of springs and frame structures; Choice of cross-sections, buckling loads, joints; and Introduction to plate elements and shell structures, continuum elements and general elasticity theory)


ME:  Required.

EM:  Possible secondary field, with approval.

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